There are many organisations in the Villages not all of whom have Pages on this site. The Document entry below links to the September issue of the Newsletter which on page 3 lists all local activities. Entries below link to Pages with further information of some of these.

  • N1809 (PDF, 1.2 Mb)

    Summary of all local groups published on Page 3 of Septembers Newsletter

  • Bellringers

    Lois Weedon Church Bellringers

  • Dance for Fun

    Dance for Fun is exercising through the medium of Dance. The Club meets in the Lois Weedon Village Hall on Monday nights at 7.30. £2 per Session. Just turn up.

  • Weston and Lois Weedon Drama Group

    Weston and Lois Weedon Drama Group formed in 1998. Perform 3 productions a year at Lois Weedon Village Hall.

  • Film Club

    The Film Club meets every second Tuesday in the winter season to view films chosen by members.

  • Flower Club

    The Flower Club meet regularly at Lois Weedon Village Hall

  • Horticultural Society

    The Horticultural Society holds an Annual Show in early September with meetings and events throughout the year. Contact details and membership can be found by clicking the link above.

  • Royal British Legion

    The Legion's local headquarters are in Greatworth. Members are typically but not exclusively men and women who have served in the armed and merchant services.

  • Shufflers

    The shufflers are an informal group of runners who meet occasionally and organise participation in events both here and abroad

  • Wine Club

    The Wine club meet on Thursday evenings at the Weston Community project (the Baptists Rooms)to sample wines and food chosen by members.

  • Wobblers

    A group of cyclists who meet weekly for a sociable ride through the local countryside. Usually end up at the pub. Suitable for all but the most feeble.

  • The Womens Institute

    The WI meet on the first Wednesday of the month in Lois Weedon Village Hall at 7.00pm