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Letter from the Rector

St Mary and St Peter is the Parish Church of Lois Weedon and Weston with Plumpton. We are part of the Astwell Benefice (Click on this link for the website) which includes Lois Weedon, Wappenham, Helmdon, Syresham, Whitfield and Radstone. As a Benefice we are Part of the Brackley Deanery in the Diocese of Peterborough.

In October 2021, after a 3 year trial the Benefice members voted to formalise a Benefice Council organisation. This involved the formation of a single PCC (known as the BPCC) which oversees all 6 Churches. Each church has 2 representatives on the committee (in the case of Whitfield and Radstone only 1). As with the old PCC structure there are a number of ex-officio roles such as Treasurer and Secretary. There are a number of sub-committees formed from members of the Benefice, Finance, Social and Fundraising, Worship and Pastoral Care. Our Rector, the Reverand Diane Whittaker is Chairman of the BPCC with deputy chair Bill Elkington. Each church has its own 'Fabric' committee, known as the BRICC (B for building), which looks after the day to day running and financing of the parish church under the chairmanship of the Churchwarden.

The COVID pandemic has had a significant effect on all aspects of church life. Not only the suspension of all congregational worship and celebration but also collaborative fundraising. Restrictions have been eased and services have been resumed albeit with restricted numbers and precautions.

The effect of all this on the financial wellbeing of the Benefice is significant and we may need to ask for support from all parishioners whether churchgoers or not. Our Churches are historic and beautiful testaments to our forebears which we all hope can be preserved for future generations. Those who worship in our churches are the people who voluntarily take responsibility for that preservation. Once a church is obliged to close because it cannot support the cost of a priest then who will do the work of all those volunteers?

Services at Lois Weedon this Month

Sunday 3rd July
10.30 Patronal Communion
with Rev'd Diane

Sunday 10th July
9.30 Matins with MS

Sunday 17th July
9.30 Holy Communion
with Rev'd Diane

Sunday 24th July
10.30 Benefice Patronal
Communion at Helmdon
with Rev'd Diane

Sunday 31st July
10.30 Benefice Patronal
Communion at Syresham
with Rev'd John Roberts

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Lois Weedon and Weston Village Trust

Did you know that "The Lois Weedon & Weston Village Trust" has existed, using a number of different names, for nearly 150 years?

Or that the Trustees of the Charity are custodians of a portion of agricultural land to the west of Weston, which was bequeathed to provide an income to help those in need within the Parishes?

Recently "The Trust" has provided small gifts at Christmas time to those who are unwell and to the elderly, as well as helping to fund the Village Christmas Meal for the over 65s.

But it also exists to give financial help to anyone living in the parishes of Lois Weedon and Weston who find themselves in need. Resources are limited so this help can only be a one off offer of assistance at the discretion of the Trustees.

If you need help yourself or know of someone who deserves to be considered, then please do make contact by phone, email or letter. This and any help the trustees can give will be completely confidential.

Members of the BRICC

History of the Parish and Church